Safety & Preparation for Clients

Contract Information

On the day of your scheduled delivery you will be asked to pay for your rental equipment and sign our Rental Agreement’s Terms and Conditions prior to the equipment being set up at the Delivery Location. As a courtesy we would like to provide you with the agreement so you can read all of the fine print before your event.


Safety Instructions

When you sign the “Terms and Conditions” in your rental agreement you also agree to read the “Safety Instructions” portion of your Rental Agreement located on the back.  We understand that, although it is necessary, it may be time consuming to do so on the day of your party.  We have provided all of the wording from the Safety Instructions below so that you have an opportunity to read it all now. You may also request a copy of your full agreement and Safety Instructions to be emailed to you once you have made your reservation.


Party Preparation Checklist

Keep in mind we cannot prepare you for every possible concern, if you have a question or problem please do not hesitate to contact us any time.

Our delivery personnel work on a very tight schedule and it is important that the customer is ready for their delivery when it is scheduled to arrive.  In the event that you are not ready, our delivery personnel will be instructed to go to their next delivery and return at the next available time, which could be later than your party’s start time.

  • SIGNATURE – Please make sure that a legal adult is available at the delivery address to sign the rental agreement and accept responsibility for the rental.
  • PAYMENT – Please make sure your payment is ready when your delivery arrives.  Upon arrival, our delivery personnel will; come to your door, have you read and sign the agreement and pay for the rental at that time.
  • Cash and Credit Card are the only acceptable forms of payment unless otherwise stated in your agreement. All Credit Cards will be processed approximately 2 days prior to the delivery date.
  • TIPS – Our delivery personnel DO accept and appreciate “Tips”.
  • GATED COMMUNITY – If you live in a gated community please call our office before your scheduled delivery date to provide us with the access code so our delivery personal will be able to complete the delivery. Your delivery may be delayed if we cannot access the delivery location.
  • PETS – If you have outside pets, please make sure that their “messes” are cleaned up in the area that your rental equipment will be located, otherwise your delivery will be delayed.
  • STAIRS – If the location for the rental equipment to be delivered to, requires traveling up or down more than 3 steps, then you must notify our office prior to your delivery.  Inflatable jumpers are very heavy and transporting your rental equipment up or down stairs will cost an additional fee.  An even higher fee may be imposed if we are not notified until we arrive at the delivery address.
  • Please make sure that your lawn is trimmed before and that the sprinklers are not on during the scheduled delivery time.
  • SPACE – If you are renting an Inflatable Jumper or Combo unit, please make sure that you have adequate space for the unit. A standard jumper has a “footprint” of 14’ x 19’. Larger jumpers and combos can require as much as 22’ x 25’.
  • Keep in mind that an Inflatable jumper weighs between 200 and 700 pounds and are difficult to move and maneuver. If the location you are planning on placing the Inflatable is difficult to access, please notify our office.
  • After your contract is signed and payment is received your delivery personnel will inspect the area for your rental and begin the set up process.
  • We will supply everything required to set up your inflatable safely. This includes a grounded 12 gauge 50’ extension cord (if necessary). We cannot use “customer provided” extension cords and  we will anchor your inflatable securely with either screw anchors, spikes, or sandbags.
  • If you are renting tables or chairs, our delivery personnel will drop off the equipment rented in one location at the delivery address. Our personnel will not set up or unfold the tables and chairs.  When they return for to pick up the equipment, the equipment needs to be folded, stacked and placed in the same location it was dropped off.
  • If you are renting a food concession (popcorn, sno cone, etc…) we will provide the equipment and an extension cord if needed.
    • Popcorn machines come with; their own stand and scooper. Popcorn, oil, seasoning & bags are provided at an additional cost
    • Sno cone machines come with and ice scoop and DO NOT include ice or a table. Flavor bottles & cones are available at an additional cost.
  • Most rentals require electricity.  You need to have available for the delivery personnel, a 15 amp outlet for each rental item requiring electricity within 50’ of the equipment to be plugged in.

We cannot run extension any farther than 75 feet (TOTAL) from an outlet. Longer distances may cause the equipment to work improperly.  This can cause damage to the equipment and may pose a safety risk.

Confirmation Call

  • One or two days prior to your delivery you will receive a call confirming your order. If no one is available we will leave a message on your voicemail.  All calls are logged into our system to verify the confirmation. Although we may have more than one contact number, we only call the primary number. Please check your voicemail prior to your delivery or call our office to confirm your order.
  • It is our experience that messages left by our staff on customers voicemails are not always reviewed or in other cases, are received but the information is not passed on to the necessary contact. Please make sure to check your messages for your confirmation.

Safety and Liability

  • On the front of all of our Inflatables is a yellow sign listing some of the key safety factors concerning the proper use and operation of the unit. Please familiarize yourself with these and make sure your guests read and understand them as well.
  • When you sign your rental agreement you not only agree to the terms of the agreement but you also accept the responsibility of the safe operation of the equipment rented and the liability of any damage or injury.
  • The Liability insurance carried by Simi Party Rentals only covers the reliability of the equipment and the safe install of the equipment at the delivery address.  NO other liability insurance is available to the customer.
  • Your homeowner’s or personnel liability insurance will be responsible for any damage or injury resulting from the unsafe operation or supervision of the rental equipment.



  • If you wish to extend the duration of your rental please contact our office immediately.  All of the “end” times on the rental agreement (provided by the customer) are part of a tight pick-up schedule for our delivery personnel. Later pick-up requests may result in additional fees. For only $25 you can keep your rental overnight, to be picked up before noon the next day. Please contact our office if you would like to arrange an “overnight” rental.
  • If your event is at a park or other public facility and you are using your own generator, please realize that you accept the risk, responsibility and liability of the safe operation of that equipment.  Your generator needs to be in place, with plywood protecting the surface beneath and either orange caution cones or yellow caution tape providing a safe perimeter around it. Your delivery personnel will instruct you when to start your generator.  All generators need to provide a minimum of 3500 watts of power and will need to have a minimum of a 4 gallon fuel tank to provide adequate power for the duration of your rental.


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